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At Kinect Consulting, we’re laser-focused on enabling our customers to win.

We go beyond the technology at hand and provide guidance around people, process, and technology throughout your enterprise communication solutions journey.

Global experience

Kinect has experience deploying modern enterprise communication solutions in challenging industries around the world.

Let us put our proven experience to work for you.

Our key advantages

One Stop Shop

We understand that your journey to UCaaS doesn't just stop at Zoom. We have the expertise to advise on and implement supporting technologies including voice and video hardware, SD-WAN, and security solutions.

Accelerate Your Journey

We use our expertise to help you avoid common pitfalls and tackle challenges most effectively. Our strategic guidance through all phases of the journey expedites your success.

Proven Experience in the Complex

Not all environments are equal and cookie cutter enterprise communication solutions won't work for you. We have proven experience in complex environments that require creative solutions. Let us tackle your UCaaS challenges today!

Your Success is our Main Objective

We work closely with our clients to build long- lasting relationships, sharing our expertise and experience to empower them with the tools and knowledge to thrive. We’re not just a vendor – we’re a partner, committed to your success.

Trusted by Partners & Customers

We work closely with best-in-class partners to accelerate the value you receive from their solutions. We implement partner solutions to solve real business problems and don’t push technology for technology sake.

Outcome Driven Guidance

You want results and not a complicated report that puts more work on your already busy plate. Our deliverables are concise, actionable, and focus on quickly achieving your business goals.

Time is Money, We Save You Both

Our UC assessments focus on how you conduct business today and identify opportunities for leveraging modern enterprise communication solutions and business practices to improve company-wide efficiencies.

With the Zoom Platform we identified significant interstate and long distance ~$300K annual savings, CAPEX avoidance of $1M+, eliminated high costly and legacy voice/data circuits resulting in OPEX reduction of $450K a year, and significantly reduced our cyber security risk making us safer and focus our teams to work on business strategic goals

Senior IT DirectorFortune 125 Multinational Corporation

Comprehensive Approach for Longterm Success

We take a holistic approach to helping you achieve your strategic objectives while solving your immediate needs. We’ll help you focus on the big picture to achieve longterm, sustainable success.

Effective companies are built with modern systems

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