Kinect Theia Gov | Human Services

Better serve your citizens by making decisions based on current, reliable information

The Challenge

Human Services Departments often lack visibility into their data because it comes from disparate sources and is spread out across multiple databases, files and file types.

The Solution

Kinect Theia Gov aggregates data from disparate sources across all Human Services programs, enabling timely access to accurate data through searching, dashboards and reporting.

Human Services Perspective

Learn how a Florida county quickly transformed from disconnected CSV files for dozens of Human Services programs, to an automated, single pane of glass view across all programs with current, accurate data with Kinect's government cloud services.

Case Study Background

The Solution Delivered with Kinect Theia Gov

Information Technology Perspective

Kinect Theia Gov is an end-to-end, Infrastructure as Code and Architecture as Code framework that enables implementation of high-performing, secure and cost-effective data platforms on AWS in a fraction of the time and cost they take to build from scratch.

Kinect Theia Gov shortens or completely eliminates every step of the traditional process

Not in AWS yet? We can help

Whether you are currently in the AWS cloud, or considering dipping your toe in, Kinect can create the foundation for current and future success with AWS. For enterprise cloud solutions, check out Theia.