Cloud Strategic Advisory

Cloud Strategic Advisory is our specialized consulting service that helps organizations develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for leveraging cloud computing technologies to meet their business objectives. Our Cloud Strategic Advisory services assist clients in making informed decisions about how to best to move to the cloud, optimize cloud resources and services to improve their operations, enhance their competitiveness, and achieve their long-term goals.
Cloud Governance

Our Cloud Strategic Advisory practice covers all aspects of your cloud journey, guiding you through implementing best practices of how the most successful cloud programs rethink the majority of how IT works in an organization. People and processes are just as important when transforming a business in the cloud.

Cloud Strategic Advisory services can also provide impartial advice, define strategy, manage change, and establish partnerships with cloud providers and vendors. Cloud Strategic Advisory services can help organizations achieve cloud maturity, agility, innovation, and transformation.

Many of our Cloud Strategic Advisory clients had moved parts of their business to the cloud on their own or with the assistance of a more tactical partner. These customers often find that they did not consider a complete cloud strategy and have gaps where they need assistance. We are able to step in at various points along the path to assist.

Kinect Your Cloud Strategy

Other companies leveraging our Cloud Strategic Advisory services are working to design and implement a cloud journey that is fit for their business and industry. They rely on Kinect Consulting’s Cloud Strategic Advisory services to help answer key questions, such as:

What are the benefits and costs of moving to the cloud?

What are the best practices and frameworks for cloud adoption and migration?

What is the optimal cloud operating model for this specific business?

How to transform the existing IT infrastructure and applications to leverage the cloud capabilities?

How to manage the cloud environment and optimize the cloud spend?

How to align the cloud strategy with the business strategy and business outcomes?

Do you have an AI strategy?

At Kinect Consulting, we develop AI/ML strategies that align seamlessly with your cloud strategy, ensuring you avoid common pitfalls. Our expertise in data strategy focuses on collecting and utilizing high-quality, relevant data to drive your AI projects and informed business decisions.
AI strategy

AI/ML Strategy

The Cloud enables AI. Therefore, an AI/ML strategy should go hand in hand with your cloud strategy.

Kinect Consulting can assist you in creating an AI strategy that can help your organization avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that can lead to wasted time, money, and resources.

We can create an AI strategy that can provide expert guidance, best practices, and proven methodologies that can ensure a successful AI journey.

Data Strategy

Data is the fuel for any aspirations of AI projects your company wants to implement in the future. It is also foundational for your organization’s ability to make data driven business decisions. However, data alone is not enough.

Data needs to be of high quality, quantity, variety, and relevance. Data also needs to be properly collected, stored, processed, analyzed, and utilized. It must be delivered at the speed required by the business to be relevant and to enable timely action. Kinect Consulting can assist you in creating a data strategy in the cloud can help optimize your data potential and achieve your AI goals.

Data also needs to be properly collected, stored, processed, analyzed, and utilized.

It must be delivered at the speed required by the business to be relevant and to enable timely action.

Kinect Consulting can assist you in creating a data strategy in the cloud can help optimize your data potential and achieve your AI goals.

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Cloud Migration Process

We analyze your current IT infrastructure and business processes to build a strong case for cloud migration. Our tailored cloud strategies and comprehensive migration plans are designed to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud, prioritizing data security and minimal operational disruption.

Cloud Migration Assessment

Kinect Consulting can also support you in developing the business case for migrating to the cloud. We conduct an in-depth analysis of your current IT infrastructure, business processes, and objectives, to assess and identify areas where cloud technology can be leveraged to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and drive innovation.

Cloud Strategy Development

Based on the findings and recommendations of your Cloud Migration Assessment, we collaborate with your team to formulate a tailored cloud strategy.

This strategy outlines how various solutions can be integrated into the organization’s operations to meet its specific needs, goals, and compliance requirements.

Cloud Migration Planning

Once you are ready to move to the cloud, Kinect Consulting can develop a comprehensive migration plan, which details how your existing systems and data will be transitioned to the cloud. This includes considerations for data security and governance, and factors in dependencies and other key considerations to ensure minimal disruption to operations during the migration.

Embark on a smooth transition to the cloud

Elevate your business operations with our cloud migration expertise.

Build an Operating Model for the Cloud

Our team helps you select the right cloud technologies that align with your goals, optimizing costs and operational efficiency. We also guide you in creating a cloud operating model, tailored to your organization’s vision, goals, and culture, ensuring a successful transition to cloud-based operations.

Cloud Operating Model

Existing non-cloud operating models do not translate well to the cloud. Kinect Consulting will assist you in creating a cloud operating model that will transition your organization to the cloud smoothly and successfully.

A cloud operating model is a set of policies, processes, and practices that define how an organization operates in the cloud. Creating a cloud operating model is not a simple task.

It requires a holistic and strategic approach that considers the organization’s vision, goals, culture, and capabilities.

It also requires a change management and governance framework that aligns the organization’s people, processes, and technology with the cloud principles and practices.

This is mission critical to realizing the full business value that cloud has to offer.

Technology Selection / Tools Consolidation

Kinect Consulting can assist you in choosing the right cloud platforms, services, and technologies that align with your strategic goals. This may involve selecting:

  • public cloud providers
  • DevOps tooling
  • security tools
  • monitoring and observability tools
This is a key step in reducing costs, driving operational efficiency, and avoiding negative impact on users of your technology.

Efficiency starts with a robust operating model

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Optimization and Management

We conduct thorough cloud optimization assessments to align your cloud architecture with best practices. Our approach to governance and risk management ensures control over your cloud resources. We also focus on cost management, helping you select cost-effective cloud solutions and implement expense monitoring and control measures.
Optimization and Management

Cloud Optimization Assessment

We facilitate an in-depth assessment to ensure that an organization’s cloud environments are architected in accordance with best practices and optimized in the in regards to performance, reliability, operational excellence, security, cost, and sustainability. The focus is on identifying and remediating high-risk issues and advancing the overall maturity of how our client builds and operates in the cloud.

Kinect Consulting will help you establishing governance frameworks and risk management strategies to maintain control over cloud resources and ensure business continuity. The absence of mature cloud governance can create major issues around security, compliance, operational efficiency, and financial management. Rather than realizing the business value that cloud has to offer, organizations that fail to implement mature cloud governance find themselves with new levels of technical debt, and other serious challenges. We can support you in avoiding common pitfalls.

Cost Management

We help clients optimize their cloud spending by recommending:

  • cost-effective cloud solutions,
  • architecting to minimize compute costs,
  • optimizing instances and how cloud is procured, and
  • implementing best practices for monitoring and controlling expenses.
We also improve the results and consistency organizations receive by automating cost control measures wherever possible.

Performance Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

At Kinect Consulting, we offer solutions for complete visibility into your technology stack’s performance and reliability. We guide you in implementing observability best practices, fostering a culture of continuous improvement to keep your cloud strategy responsive to evolving business needs and technology.
Performance Monitoring and Continuous Improvement Image

Observability for Performance & Reliability

Kinect Consulting can help you gain complete visibility into the performance and reliability of your full technology stack and guide you through implementing organizational and operational best practice for delivering best-in-class observability. The result is high performing teams and technologies, improved customer experience, speed to market, and increased innovation.

Continuous Improvement

Kinect Consulting can help your organization to effectively establish and maintain a culture of continuous improvement, where the cloud strategy evolves to meet changing business needs and technological advancements.

This ensures that you organization realizes the greatest possible return on your cloud investment today and into the future.

Executive Support and Expertise

Our Fractional CIO and CTO services provide you with the necessary executive support and technical expertise. We guide you through every phase of your cloud journey, ensuring successful outcomes with our deep technical knowledge and strategic insights.
Executive Support and Expertise

If your organization is more in need of embedded executive support for developing and executing on your cloud strategy, Kinect Consulting offers Fractional CIO support.

This provides hands on guidance across any or all phases of the cloud journey and delivery of the CIO responsibilities that will deliver successful outcomes.

We offer Fractional CTO support to our clients who are in need of deep technical cloud expertise.

Your cloud journey involves new technologies and new ways of making your platforms, tools, and teams work together. Having an experienced CTO with the knowledge of how to optimize you cloud technology strategy is critical. If you lack that person today, Kinect Consulting has you covered.

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