Niche Product Portfolio
Kinect Consulting also develops innovative solutions that fill gaps in the market.
HELIOS - The one page strategy tool.™
Helios makes it simple to create and update an effective one-page business strategy, transforming strategy from a one-time executive level event into an ongoing discipline across the organization.
  • Align all activities to business goals
  • Elevate effectiveness of reporting upstream
  • Create a shared mission across all departments
  • Support effective prioritization and planning
FOCALOPS - Bridging the Gap Between IT and Finance.™
FocalOps solves the challenge of how Finance can accurately account for agile software development projects. IT Finance can work faster, at a lower cost, and with greater accuracy.
  • Integrate and simplify reporting
  • Create financial transparency
  • Manage and recognize capital or operating expenses
  • Improve IT Finance collaboration