Automated Cloud Diagrams

Our automated cloud diagramming tool keeps your infrastructure visualization current, accurate, and effortlessly updated, ensuring clarity and control in your cloud journey.

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Automated Diagram Versioning

Hava periodically refreshes your diagrams Upon detecting any changes, it automatically updates your diagrams and archives the previous version to the version history. This allows you to easily compare and view historical configurations of your environment at any time.

Embed Diagrams Anywhere

Utilizing Hava's integrated embeddable diagram viewer, you can externally position diagrams using an iFrame code snippet.

Accessing the live, fully interactive diagrams does not require a login.

Custom Diagrams

Are your Cloud Environments too complex to read?

Query subsets of your environments and save them as new custom diagrams.  These diagrams refresh and version just like the full environment. 

Make complex diagrams simple but splitting it up by workload or removing certain object types.

Cloud Governance

Kinect Consulting assists companies create effective Cloud Governance practices. Hava is an essential component for multiple solutions within Cloud Governance.

Hava gives governance boards a visualization of what resources are in the cloud, and provides continued visibility as the cloud evolves.

Cloud Architecture Discovery

Have you recently begun a new job, acquired a company, or assumed control of a department lacking cloud diagrams for documentation?

Hava can significantly reduce your workload, potentially saving you weeks or even months, depending on the scale of the environments you need to explore.

The automated diagrams generated by Hava offer invaluable assistance in comprehending the environments you now manage, allowing you to identify potential risks that may affect the scalability, security, and reliability of your systems.

SaaS or Self-Hosted

Most companies opt for Hava as a SaaS offering.  However, for security reasons many companies, certain industries and especially governments cannot use SaaS solutions.  Hava can be installed directly into your cloud environments keeping all the data within the security of your cloud environment.

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