Monitoring and Observability

The Art of Doing More with Less

Kinect helps organizations optimize workflow performance and break down cultural silos between security, site reliability, and operations. Our enterprise-scale monitoring strategies create ultra-high performing teams who deliver quantifiable value to the business, while reducing costs through optimized toolsets. Our framework, the Four-Pillar Performance Lens, includes the following.

Monitoring & Observability

Create visibility into the health and utilization of your technology. We enable auto-instrumentation, design high-signal alerting schemas, integrate multiple monitoring platforms into one, and much more.

Service & Cost Management

Run at five 9's of availability. Our SRE experts coach your teams on how to systematically measure SLAs, evaluate the costs of downtime, and balance improving reliability and releasing features.

Automation & Self-Healing

Standardize and automate to take ops teams to the next level, whether you use configuration management tools like Chef or Puppet, orchestration engines like Jenkins or Bamboo, or cloud-native services.

AIOps & Data Analytics Consulting

Gain a holistic view of your operational effectiveness. We optimize processes around event correlation / aggregation / enrichment, causality / dependency mapping, and methods of noise reduction.

Services That Deliver Quantifiable Value

Kinect offers prepackaged services and customizable engagement that help your organization move faster, break less and control costs, including:

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