DevSecOps Services

Our Customers & Their Needs

Kinect helps organizations of all sizes, across industries and sectors, to implement DevSecOps and advance their ability to build and operate secure, efficient software that meets the needs of the business as fast as possible. We support the following organizational objectives and outcomes:


Gain alignment with transparency, collaboration and shared responsibility


Move faster and deliver more value to the business without fear of failure


Security embedded in every stage of software development


Meet demand and handle failures gracefully, while improving uptime


Processes, tooling, and skills to improve effectiveness across the organization

Services that Expedite Your Success

Kinect offers pre-packaged services and customizable engagements that help your organization realize the full benefit of the cloud by leveraging DevSecOps best practices and transforming your culture.


A comprehensive analysis of your current software development practices and culture, this assessment provides guidance to define your future-state and delivers a customized, phased roadmap to get you there.


Flexible, ongoing support to guide you through your DevSecOps journey and advance you to an elite capability level of maturity.

Operating Model Transformation

This service guides you through a 3-phase plan to Analyze, Strategize, and Execute on all steps necessary to effectively build out your DevSecOps capability and culture, while avoiding common pitfalls that slow the pace of transformation.

CI/CD Pipeline Automation

Build the automation needed to create, test, and deploy applications into the cloud, including the automation source code, processes for managing and training to implement automated CI/CD process.

Infrastructure Automation

Automate infrastructure and OS management tasks to deploy and manage infrastructure in the cloud, including automation source code, processes for managing and training to implement automated infrastructure provisioning, automated OS configuration, automated security scanning, and patch management.

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Take the first step to implement DevSecOps in the cloud

Implementing DevSecOps doesn't have to be a complicated or lengthy process. With Kinect's expert DevSecOps consulting services, your cloud environments can stay secure and you can stay ahead of attackers that threaten your business.