A DevOps Strategy Implementation was Key for Scalability and AWS Cloud Migration


Akkadian Labs, a leading provider of unified communications user management software built and managed their solution in their own data centers. As their customer base grew, it became clear that they would need to migrate their data centers to the cloud to support business demands around speed and scalability. They created a small AWS environment but had serious concerns as to whether their architecture could scale as needed.


Kinect Consulting collaborated with Akkadian Labs to introduce a DevOps strategy tailored to meet their unique business needs as part of the cloud migration. The key pillars of this transformation involved leveraging Terraform for Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Bitbucket Pipelines for Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), and Trend Micro Cloud One Conformity for security and governance monitoring. Using Terraform, we were able to codify, manage, and provide version control for Akkadian Labs’ infrastructure, establishing a reproducible, scalable, and efficient process for infrastructure deployment. This not only enhanced consistency and minimized manual errors but also improved the speed of operations.

To streamline the build and deployment process, we utilized Bitbucket Pipelines, an integrated CI/CD service. This integration allowed Akkadian Labs to automate their testing and deployment workflows within the Bitbucket environment, thereby shortening the development cycle and enhancing code quality. Finally, we implemented Trend Micro Cloud One Conformity for real-time security and governance monitoring. This tool provided comprehensive visibility into Akkadian Labs’ infrastructure, ensuring adherence to compliance and best practice checks, and delivering automated remediation.


Through this transformative journey, Akkadian Labs was able to foster a culture of DevOps, achieving faster, more secure, and more reliable software delivery while enhancing their operational efficiency.