Cloud Professional Services
The Kinect Consulting team has deep experience supporting organizations of all sizes and across all sectors in successfully navigating the complexities and challenges of the cloud journey. Based on years of experience and best practices from leading cloud providers, we have created the Kinect Cloud Execution Framework, a proven methodology for success in the cloud. Our approach scales from one to thousands of workloads, and ensures you achieve your business objectives FASTER, BETTER, and FOR LESS.
The Kinect Advantage
Addresses all key Business and Technology considerations
Develops critical People, Process, and Technology competencies
Includes crucial, often neglected factors like Culture and Finance
Provides a Phased Roadmap to your desired future state
Supports the entire journey: Assessment -Readiness & Planning - Migration -Operations and Optimizations
Incorporates the right Tools and Services for your unique needs
Applies our expertise in Account Structure, Landing Zones, Governance, Architecture, Cloud-Native Apps, Microservices / Serverless, and more to lay and build upon the foundation for long-term success
Well-Architected Reviews
Cloud service providers release new products and features daily, and your technology landscape is constantly evolving, making optimization in the cloud a moving target. A Well-Architected Review assesses your cloud workload in terms of Performance, Reliability, Security, Cost, and Operational Excellence, and offers recommendations for optimization in each area.