Introduction to DevSecOps: Accelerating Business Value in the Digital Age

Introduction to DevSecOps

In the dynamic world of digital enterprises, the boundaries between development, security, and operations are rapidly blurring. Amidst escalating market expectations and a rising threat landscape, the quintessential approach to securing a competitive edge lies in harnessing the synergistic power of DevSecOps. As we delve into the core principles and implications of DevSecOps, we’ll uncover […]

Implementing AWS CloudWatch for Network Monitoring: A How-to Guide

Introduction: AWS CloudWatch is an invaluable tool for developers and DevOps engineers. It provides data and insights to monitor applications, respond to system-wide performance changes, optimize resource utilization, and get a unified view of operational health. This guide will focus on leveraging CloudWatch for network monitoring, an essential aspect of maintaining the smooth functioning of […]

Digital Transformation for Kaiju Capital through Kinect Consulting’s DevOps Cloud Platform

Background: Kaiju Capital, a renowned financial institution, had been operating on traditional hardware/software development practices, resulting in lower operational efficiency, slower time to market, and lack of scalability. Kaiju ran various financial analyses on market data but was unhappy with the stability and efficiency of their systems. They partnered with Kinect Consulting to revolutionize their […]

A DevOps Strategy Implementation was Key for Scalability and AWS Cloud Migration

Background: Akkadian Labs, a leading provider of unified communications user management software built and managed their solution in their own data centers. As their customer base grew, it became clear that they would need to migrate their data centers to the cloud to support business demands around speed and scalability. They created a small AWS […]