Big Data and Machine Learning
Kinect delivers Big Data solutions on AWS to large enterprises, small / medium businesses, startups, and the public sector. We support the folowing customer data objectives and outcomes.
Our Customers & Their Needs
Organize. Efficient Storage, Access, Archiving, Cost Optimization
Analyze. Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive
Monetize. Turning Data into New Revenue Streams
Decide on the Fly. Recommendations, Fraud Detection, Price Optimization
Our Frameworks Expedite Your Success
Kinect combines people and processes with our proprietary frameworks to expedite your journey to a complete Big Data solution.
Big Data Pipeline
End-to-end solution which includes ingestion of relational and unstructured data, batch and real time replication, ETL/ELT analytics, data cataloging, governance, and data access layer.
Data Warehouse Migration
This service builds on the foundation of the Big Data Pipeline, and delivers a complete cloud native data warehouse with ongoing data publishing.
Machine Learning Foundation
Another service that builds on the foundation of the Big Data Pipeline, this provides an ongoing delivery of curated, optimized data sets for data scientists.
Pause & Restart
Drive significant cost savings through this toolset for fully automated archival ("pause") of an existing Big Data solution, with eventual revival "restart" of the platform.
Achievable Outcomes
Execute much faster with less resources
Fully automated metadata collection
Infrastructure setup
Application code templates
Save time, effort, and avoid common pitfalls
Out of the box data pipeline orchestration
Shorter QA and less bugs
Ready to use components