Accelerating Data and Analytics Success in the Public Sector

Kevin Mead Data and Analytics in Government More government entities are launching data and analytics initiatives to improve planning, operations, citizen engagement, and services delivered. It is indisputable that access to timely, accurate data enables more informed decisions that deliver better outcomes. So why doesn’t every government take advantage of their data? Some struggle to […]

Database migration to AWS

Author: Igor Royzis History of AWS relational databases – or how we got here Early 2000’s, everyone is happily buying servers, installing and configuring on-premise relational databases, both commercial  (SQL Server, Oracle) and open source (Postgres, MySQL). Life is good. Need more storage? Buy more disk space. Need more compute power? Buy more memory. Cannot […]

Top Cloud Vulnerabilities: How to Manage Misconfigurations

Author: Kevin Mead Cloud Misconfigurations Misconfigurations in cloud environments are very common, and they create huge operational and security risk. The sheer number of potential configurations is staggering, and cloud providers release new services at warp speed, so optimization is a rapidly moving target. Here are some key measures you can take to address this […]