About Us

What We Do

The Cloud has brought a lot of change to modern IT. No longer limited by the capital outlay for hardware, data centers, and the need to manually manage infrastructure, the Cloud has brought an elasticity and automation to the IT world that we have never seen before. Old ways of architecting and developing applications no longer apply in this new dynamic. Kinect Consulting offers application architecture consulting and development for medium to large companies that are looking for specific experience in moving an enterprise to the Cloud.

We Are Professional Service Providers

Who enable businesses to modernize and transform in the cloud, improving reliability and security, while lowering costs.

We Are Experienced Technologists

Who have deep technical skillsets in delivering high-value solutions and services for complex, distributed enterprise workloads.

We Are Trusted Advisors

Who offer action-oriented, objective guidance around people, process, and technology at every stage of the cloud journey.

We Are Loyal Partners

Who work closely with best-in-class technology providers to accelerate the business value our clients receive from our partners' solutions.

Our Core Competencies

Cloud Services‚Äč

Big Data + Analytics

Digital Performance

Security + Compliance


Looking Back

Kinect Consulting was formed by spinning off the IT Architecture and Strategy leadership from a Fortune 100 company, World Fuel Services. World Fuel Services, had embarked on a leading-edge journey to developing software specifically to take advantage of both Native and Hybrid Cloud services. This was not a journey of "lift and shift" to the Cloud, this was a journey of taking full advantage of all the Public Cloud has to offer as a platform. World Fuel Services is Kinect Consulting's largest client.