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We empower your organization to conquer the cloud, by advising on strategy to advance operational maturity and deliver technical solutions.
Our trusted executive consultants deliver concise, actionable, and outcome driven strategies that drive agile, scalable businesses.
Unlock the full potential of the cloud by rapidly advancing your journey to best practices for organizational structure, governance, and processes.
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Streamline Your Cloud Journey

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Strategic Advisory

Cloud Strategy

Develop a cloud strategy that aligns the business, IT, and InfoSec.

Operating Model

Build out advanced architectures for operating model, teams, etc.



Moving your business data and applications to the cloud with minimal disruptions to your business.


Build and operate in the cloud in accordance with industry best practices.



Build out effective pipelines and automate security across your software development lifecycle.

Culture Transformation

Evolve your organization to a true DevSecOps culture.

Machine Learning and AI

AI Executive Advisory

Leverage our executive level guidance to enter the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning landscape with confidence.

AI Use Case Validation

If you have a potential AI/ML use case and want another set of eyes to verify your direction, we guide you down the right path, without the complexity and hype in this emerging field.

Data Analytics

Data Lake / Data Warehouse

Rapidly aggregate, transform, and work with data from disparate, disconnected sources in different formats.

Data Speed and Quality

Provide access to timely, accurate data that enables your Business Intelligence systems, or your AI/ML models.

Monitoring and Observability

Customer Journey Transparency

Deliver best-in-class digital experiences with full visibility into your customers journey.


Reduce business impacting incidents and remediate issues before anyone knows they occurred.

Security and Compliance

Secure Business Velocity

Implement security and compliance guardrails that improve business speed and agility.

Well Architected Environments

Remediate vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that create security, operational, and financial risk.


Modern Enterprise Communications

Implement modern collaboration tools and elevate your business with Zoom solutions.

Comprehensive Connection

We bring enterprise organizations collaborative communication methods via video, meetings, phone, contact center, team chat and more.

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At Kinect Consulting, we are very selective when it comes to our product partnerships. That is why we have selected only the best in class partners for Automated Cloud Diagrams and Data Pipeline servicing. 

Learn more by visiting our product partner sites below.

Streamlined Cloud Solutions

RapidCloud was our answer to the complexity of building cloud-native platforms on the cloud. We’ve designed architectures for popular data, analytics, web and mobile use cases.

Instant Interactive Diagrams

Our cutting-edge technology brings you interactive diagrams in minutes from multiple cloud vendors, revolutionizing the way you visualize and analyze complex data.

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Respond with speed to customer and market demands


Ensuring the availability of your technology


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Case Studies

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Explore our groundbreaking success stories and ingenious solutions in various industries.

Monitoring and Observability

Migrating to New Relic in 1/3 of the time forecast and 75% under budget

The company needed to migrate from CA SOI to New Relic while establishing a streamlined operating model to sustain steady progress forward. They also needed to improve their ability to detect and resolve performance anomalies, bottlenecks, and underlying issues across all digital infrastructure. But these tools were used daily by technology and operation teams who were responsible for over $160 billion in revenue movin…

Forecast 1-Year Migration Completed in 4 Months

Forecasted duration

Actual duration

Monitoring and Observability

Retail Technology provider cuts observability tools by 75%, saving thousands of employee hours yearly

An industry leading global provider of retail technology and SaaS solutions helps manufacturers and retailers run their businesses more efficiently. The company grew through acquisitions, ranging from modern cloud solutions to 25-year-old applications. While these acquisitions allowed them to provide a comprehe…
75% Reduction in Number of Observability Tools

Monitoring and Observability

Major Insurance Company Improves Productivity and Customer Experience with Visibility into Customers’ Digital Journeys

Kinect supports one of the world’s largest insurance and financial services companies that provides insurance, investment, and retirement solutions. Their customers demand effortless, reassuring, and personal experiences. So, the company has simplified communications and enh…

“Kinect has been integral to our team’s success throughout our SRE journey. The level of technical knowledge and professionalism is unmatched, and we look forward to having the opportunity to work with Kinect in the future.”

SRE Lead

Monitoring and Observability

Adopting an SRE Culture to Understand the Customer Experience and Deliver Ultra-High Performing Technology

A leading health technology company aims to impact the lives of billions of people by 2025, They believe that their innovations must be viewed through the lens of the customer’s needs. But looking through that lens requires visibility into what the customer is experiencing, which the co…
Significant Reductions in Mean Time to Detect, Respond, and Resolve

Monitoring and Observability

Financial Data and Media Firm Accelerates Innovation and Time to Market by Delivering Actionable Data to Business Leaders

A global leading distributor of financial data and a top news provider offers an incomputable number of daily data points and insights to customers. Their 6,500+ engineers apply the four V’s – volume, velocity, variety, and veracity – to innovate every day and drive industry leading information solutions t…
Data Presented in Dashboards Designed for Business Executives

Monitoring and Observability

Supercharging the AWS Cloud Environment with Kinect and New Relic

After businesses move to Amazon Web Services (AWS), a common next step is to expand visibility into their infrastructures. But without examining sufficient telemetry in a broader business context, companies may not see all their pain points. Kinect Consulting helps businesses get more value from AWS environments using the New Relic cloud-bas…
The visibility that New Relic provides, along with Kinect’s expertise in extracting insights, turns into actual dollars.
Kevin Mead
Vice President of

Business Development,

Kinect Consulting

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